Hello there. I’m Serena.

I love glitter. Anything that sparkles, really. I drink a lot of red wine. I eat peanut butter right out of the jar. I love old fashioneds. Good bourbon is heaven. I own a lot of Black Milk Clothing. I am a huge Star Wars nerd, and proud of it! I love to go to Vegas and play Blackjack downtown until the sun comes up. I am a competitive pole dancer (I have medals!) and instructor at The Brass Ring Chicago. I have a black kitty named Felicia. I love getting new stamps in my passport and have been to four out of the seven continents so far. I drink my coffee in the shower. I wish I could eat Italian food every day but then my 26 pairs of yoga pants would stop fitting. I believe there is never enough time in the day, there is always something new to learn, someplace new to explore.

I have a BFA in Screenwriting from Purchase College in New York and I’ve been in the hospitality business as a server and bartender since I was 16 (that’s over half my life now!), which means I love telling stories and I love making people happy.

Most days you can find me exploring Chicago, because even though I’ve lived here for over a decade I never get tired of this amazing city or take it for granted. The bar scene, the food scene, the scenery itself- Chicago is one of a kind and I am proud to call it home. Originally from a tiny town in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, I vowed I would become a city girl as soon as I could.

Photography started as a hobby for me. My sister had taken a photography class in high school, and I remember being struck by a photo she took of our dad’s L.L. Bean duck boots out on the deck. That photo is actually what made me go out and buy my own camera. I was traveling a lot and cell phone cameras weren’t really a thing yet, so I got a camera and took some photos, then took a few classes and took even more photos, and realized I had found what I wanted to do with my life. A good friend asked me to photograph her wedding in Vegas in October of 2013 and the rest is history.

I don’t understand SnapChat, because when I take a photo, I want to preserve the moment forever. I like to call myself a ninja with a camera. I think the most important moments of your day aren’t always planned, but I make sure I’m there to capture them. I will help make the day as stress-free and fun as possible, and I will absolutely grab you drinks from the bar, help bustle your dress, fix those stray hairs around your face, make sure you’re drinking enough water, and act as an extra bridesmaid, a confidante, and a friend the whole day!

I am comfortable guiding the day through the timeline, keeping us on track so you get to enjoy the huge party you’re throwing for yourselves, and confident that I will be able to capture not only the events but the essence of your wedding day as well. I am an expert at holding your dress and bouquet at the same, taming rowdy groomsmen, pinning on boutonnieres without stabbing anyone other than myself, and popping champagne! I want your wedding day to be spectacular and I want you to be able to look back at the photos and remember the joy, the love, and the laughter. Let’s have some wine and chat, yeah?

Things That Make My Heart Happy:

a bottle of wine with friends

Star Wars marathons

sky high heels

Sephora makeup sprees

being upside down

Disney princesses

pizza and Netflix binges

too many pillows

patio season in Chicago

getting lost in new places

rose gold accents

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